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The ploughboy lads

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Traditionnel - Ecosse


Ah well I was no' but sweet sixteen
With beauty chance a blooming oh
It's little little did I think
At nineteen I'd be grieving oh
Well the ploughboy lads they're all braw lads
But they're false and they're deceiving oh
They'll take your all and they'll gang away
And leave the lassies grievin' oh
Ah well I was fond of company
And I gave the ploughboys freedom oh
To kiss and clasp me in the dark
When all me friends were sleeping oh
Well if I did know what I know now
And I took me mothers biddin' oh
I wouldn't be sittin' by our fireside
Crying hush a ba my baby oh
Well it's hush a ba for I'm your ma
But the Lord knows who's your daddy oh
And I'll take care and I'll beware
Of the ploughboys in the gloaming oh
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