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Diofal Yw'r Aderyn

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Traditionnel - Pays de Galles


Diofal yw’r aderyn,
Ni hau, ni fed un gronyn,
Heb un gofal yn y byd
Mae’n canu hyd y flwyddyn.

Dymili dymili dymili dymili
Dymili dymili dymili dymili (bis)
Rew di rew di ranno (bis)

Fe eistedd ar y gangen,
Gan edrych ar ei aden,
Heb un geiniog yn ei god,
Yn llywio a bod yn llawen.

Fe fwyta’i swper heno,
Ni w'yr yn l le mae’i ginio,
Dyna’r modd y mae yn byw,
A gad o i Dduw arlwyo.



The bird is so carefree,
Doesn't have to sow or reap anything,
Doesn't have a care in the world,
But sings all the year round.

It sits on the branch,
Looking at its wing,
Without a penny in its bag,
Singing and being happy.

It eats its supper tonight,
Doesn't know where its dinner will come from,
That's the way it lives,
Leaving God to take care of its needs.

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