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La Compagnie de la Branche Rouge

La Compagnie de la Branche Rouge is medieval reenactment association. We work on the european culture circa 1000 A.D and focus our studies on the Scandinavian and British islands' History.

La Compagnie de la Branche Rouge is a gathering of soliders of fortune, made mercenaries by necessity. The group has been formed in scotland in 1010 and is made of Vikings, Gaels, Balts and Orientals that fled to the frank land after the disastrous battle of Clontarf (1014).

Overall presentation of the association


La Compagnie de la Branche Rouge, created in 1999, counts 30 active members, including crafters and fully armed warriors (swords, bows, armors).

The camp is constituted by 3 carved tents and a shop. The rich camp furnitures emphasis the wealth of the reconstituted period.


We are very concerned about re-creating our period, the beggining of the 11th century, with the maximum of accuracy. Basing our reseaches on the most serious archeologic studies, historical sources and experimentation,  the association tries to deliver to the public the most convincing historical experience.

Our camp is a place of life, creation and discovery.


Soldiers of fortune

A mercenary's life

La Compagnie de la Branche Rouge is a gathering of mercenaries. These warriors for hire are fully equiped with chainmails, scalemails, leather armors, helmets, swords, spears and scramasax.


La Compagnie de la Branche Rouge is based in France but is used to perform in international events. Our equipments are made for the most rigorous historical requirements and we often participate in living museum events : Ribe and Lejre (Danemark), Eindhoven (Netherland), Wolin (Poland), Marle (France)...


Do not hesitate to contact us to get our booklet, to ask anything about our activity or to propose a performance.

La Compagnie de la Branche Rouge
Chez Mr CREUSILLET Vincent
35 rue du Pré Saint Gervais
75019 Paris



Soldiers of fortune
Soldiers of fortune
Intense battles
Learn through experiments
Rich cultural exchange
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