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Farewell to Aberystwyth

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Traditionnel - Pays de Galles

Farewell to Aberystwyth
farewell to Pen Maesglas
farewell to the castle tower
And also to Morfa Glâs

Farewell to Penparcau
Farewell to Figure Four
Farewell to the purest young woman
Ever to open a door

I'm a young man
Carrying a heavy heart
I have to go
And over the ninth wave

When I go over the tenth
You can go and sing
I won't return
To the parish of Llanbadarn

Farewell to Llanrhystud
Where I many times
Loved what I fancied
But the attempts were useless

I loved her
For fourteen months
Sometimes we had rough weather
Other times fair weather

And sometimes I'd find her willing
To listen to my blues
But she gave her hand to another
And she broke my heart

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